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Our studio is a creative place where we plan, brainstorm and shoot. Our mission is to create content that portrays the characteristics, design, and values of our customers and their products. We work with professional equipment such as Sony cameras, Edelkrone moving solutions for controlled camera motion, and Aputure lights that can be controlled via an app, so we can create high-end content and assure diversity in lighting, effects, and storytelling for every new project.

Teotim Logar Zorn
Creative director / Photographer

Co-Founder of WAVEstudio & CEO at BLISS Creatives

Teotim Logar Zorn, CEO WAVEstudio, Videoprodukcija
Jan Koštric, WAVEstudio
Jan Koštric
Cinematographer / motion graphics designer

Co-Founder of WAVEstudio & CEO of Primea 

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